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Self Monologue

How do you talk to yourself? Is your Self Monologue healthy or not? I’m not talking about the crazy homeless guy on the corner of Broadway and 5th Avenue in Manhattan waving his arms and talking to himself as if he’s responding in a dialogue with God. I’m talking about the subliminal messages you send yourself with how you rate your actions and your thoughts. Do you tell yourself you’re worthy and what a great job you do, or do you call yourself an idiot and always take Responsibility even when problems are not your fault? Do you have a bleak outlook on life and feel like there is always a rain cloud hanging over your head or does happiness and confidence reign true in your world? Are you “Glum” – (“We’re doomed! We’ll never make it!!”)? Or is every day a Holiday and every meal a Picnic to you? Your Attitude, your mindset and your way of thinking and talking to yourself will determine how you act and react in every situation. It establishes your response to every internal and external stimulus.

So, who are you below?

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Self Monologue

"Have To's" vs "Get To's"

A great example of your inner Self Monologue and how you may talk to yourself can be found in the simple case of changing your Have To’s to Get To’s. So, what does that mean? When you Have To do something it's a chore and a burden, yet when you Get To do something it is a pleasure and a joy. So, now consider that even if you Have To do something, simply telling yourself that you Get To do it will change for the better the entire Attitude with which you enter the experience.

This philosophy can be seen in action in a conversation I had with a neighbor of mine many years ago. We were talking in her driveway when she looked at her watch, then rolled her eyes and dropped her shoulders as she said, “Oh! I gotta go! I Have To go get my kids!” I said, “No you don’t!” She said, “Yeah, I do! It’s 3:30 and I Have To go get them!” I again said, “No you don’t! You Get To go get your kids! Be thankful that you have the freedom and the opportunity to spend this time with them. Your husband’s income supports the family so you don’t Have To work and you have the freedom and the time to Get To pick up your kids and spend this time with them and learn all about their day at school”. She stopped and said, “Wow! You’re right! I never thought of it that way!” and her whole Attitude changed from Having To go get her kids to now Getting To pick them up and spend some precious quality time together. How simple is that?

So, even if you really do Have To do something, simply telling yourself that you Get To sends a completely different subliminal message through your brain that turns the task from a burden to a pleasure thereby improving the Attitude you bring to the whole experience.

Think about other times you talk to yourself and the message that each inner Self Monologue sends to your psyche. Are you edifying your self esteem or tearing it down? I read somewhere long ago that “destruction” precedes “construction” by about three years in the development of a child. But once we grow past that young stage of growth we should understand the quantifiable difference between a “constructive” self-monologue and a “destructive” one. Pay attention to the words you use and the Attitude with which you talk to yourself and see if maybe that is a good place from which to begin the first steps towards embracing a better Attitude and greater happiness in your world.

Now keep reading through the rest of the pages of this website to see where you can go with a positive Attitude and more “self-confidence”.

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