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11 Signs of a Good Partner

A Good Partner

I Just Really Love You

But is That Enough?

"Just Loving Them?"

Your partner is a keeper if they live life and treat you with ALL or at least MOST of the following characteristics.

Almost more importantly though . . .

Are YOU also a Good Partner??

If You Want to Have a Good Partner . . .

~ Be a Good Partner ~

These are 11 Signs of
A Good Partner


A Good Partner Inspires You To Be a Better Person

A good partner elicits positive energy that makes you feel you are capable of doing anything.  Yet they don’t push or impose on you. Instead, they guide and help you achieve your goals and dreams.

A study found in the Journal Personal Relationships looked into how being a couple affects a person’s sense of self.

  • Humans apparently have an inherent nature to connect with another person for the purpose of self-expansion.
  • This is not just about recognizing the positive traits of your partner but also taking on these traits.
  • For example, if you are attached to a charitable person, you are likely to become charitable too.

A healthy relationship, where two people are happy, makes you better because you adopt the other person’s best qualities. A good partner knows how to downplay the negative traits as well through a self-pruning process. As per the study, they are a good partner if they help you to break a bad habit or reduce qualities that are not ideal.


A Good Partner Understands and Celebrates Your Differences

A good partner will not drag issues into your relationship when you disagree and have fights. When true love is present a good partner will never seek to intentionally hurt you, so anytime they do it will most likely be the result of an errant comment or a misunterstanding. So a good partner will ask questions, then explain themselves to clarify any misunderstanding without making excuses. A very good partner will first offer an apology for having upset you before even seeking to understand what they did. That apology difusses the situation and opens the door to a functional conversation in which you can then calmly discuss what it was that upset you in the first place.

A good partner will tell you what they think straight up but they will not expect you to always agree with their thoughts and beliefs. A good partner will always respect your opinion because they understand that a difference in a point of view is very healthy in a relationship and should always be celebrated.


A Good Partner is Your Biggest Fan

A good partner can equal or surpass your best friend when it comes to being your biggest fan. They are constantly encouraging you to achieve your goals and will boast about and celebrate your accomplishments with others. They are even more excited than you when opportunities come your way. They will throw you a party when you get promoted or have new milestones to celebrate.

As your biggest fan, they are also your most concious critic. These things are fundamentally connected if you have someone who is genuinely looking out for your welfare. They will give you honest feedback that may sometimes be painful to hear. However, remember that they are only critical because they know you can improve and get better.


A Good Partner Makes You Feel Lucky To Be With Them

Because of their positive energy, you feel that you've hit the jackpot knowing they chose you over all others. Without selling yourself short or questioning your own value, you may sometimes find yourself wondering in disbelief that they want to be with you.

  • Someone who makes you feel lucky is a good partner with whom you settle down for life.
  • Even when the infatuation dwindles, as some relationships eventually do, the romance never should and you still feel fortunate and priviledged to be with that good partner.
  • This is because they help you focus on the positive things in life and bring out only the best in who you are.

According to the book, "How Luck Happens: Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life", people who give off a good vibe can maintain a great relationship. So, you really are "lucky" to have them!


A Good Partner is Not Insecure

A good partner is not the type who will get easily jealous if they see you talking to another man or woman or if you have a good relationship with your co-workers. They respect that other aspects of your life also fulfill you.

Although a touch of jealousy and possessiveness can be healthy as it lets each partner know they care, too much is a sign of insecurities and can be the most destructive force in a relationship. Secrecy and lack of communication are two foods on which jealousy feeds and can grow uncontrollably. On the other hand, honesty and openess about the friends with whom you interact will feed the trust between you instead and ensure jealousy doesn'e eat too much.  

So, rather than try to keep you from these other facets of your life, a good partner actually want to share them with you. They want to get to know the people important to you and with whom you enjoy spending time, regardless of their gender.

A good partner knows your loyalty and is never insecure about where they stand in your life. They are not so paranoid that they have to check your phone, emails, and social media accounts.

* Note - of course, their security in the strength of your relationship stands strong on the conerstone of the foundation of your honesty, loyalty, trust, respect and appreciation for the value they bring to your world.

Being secretive and protective of your "other" friends is not fair and certainly not a healthy way to build and maintain trust in a relationship.


A Good Partner Won’t Do Things To Make You Feel Jealous

They don't have an agenda and are not the type who will play games and try to make you jealous. They know that genuine relationships don't involve tricks and mind games because they are secure about their place in your life. So, they will not resort to tricks to get your attention.

  • According to a study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, jealousy is actually a common manifestaion of dissatisfaction and conflict in a relationship.
  • A good partner will not manipulate your emotional state to get a reaction from you.
  • If they do have an issue, they will sit down and discuss it with you.

As stated above, open honesty in a relationship is the key. Treating your phone like a bar of gold and not being open and honest about "friends" in your life is a recipe for a jealousy disaster. Talk about the friends who text and call you. Share with you partner when you are going out with friends without them (for whatever reason). Leave notes and send random texts from time to time with a simple smiley, a 143 or a quick note to say, "thinking of you". Doing those little things will cause your partner's confidence in your loyalty to skyrocket ... and the dividends returned from that minor investment will bring you more joy and happiness than you'd ever thought possible.

* Note - 143 is simple code for "I Love You!"


A Good Partner Has Their Own Goals But Regards Your Relationship As a Team

While giving you unconditional support and encouragment in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, a good partner also has goals and dreams in their own life as well. They are a good influence to help keep you grounded and focused and who help you to maintain stability. In them, you have a teammate and a partner, with whom you can take on any challenge working together.

  • According to a study in the Journal of Family Theory & Review, Couples who easily switch from thinking as an individual to as a team have greater success and maintaining long-lasting relationships.
  • They pour their energy into doing things together to improve the relationship because they understand that working together is the best means by which to each achieve both their individual and collective goals and dreams.
  • They discuss their relationship frequently and evaluate where they are, where they are headed and what issues may need attention.


A Good Partner Allows You Space and Celebrates Your Individual Time

A good partner will not cling to you, smother you, or depend on you all the time. They will give you space to pursue your own interests. They let you take care of other things in your life.

For example: They will let you have a night out with your friends and will not get upset if you come home a little later than expected. They simply assume you were having a  great time and look forward to hearing about your night (remembering also that this is not the time to be secretive unless honesty, trust and loyalty in your relationship are simply punchlines).

A good partner appreciates and celebrates when you get to spend time with your family or get to travel for work without them. They are not worried that you will drift apart when they give you space because they believe in the value you both have placed in the connection that bonds your relationship.

As partners, spending time with each other is important, and obviously the reason you are a couple in the first place. But a good partner gets that you will grow better as individuals if you have sufficient time apart and space between you. There is no magic formula to achieve this balance but you'll know you're on the right track if you honestly feel that life is good and you are happy and content both when you are together, as well as, when you're apart.


A Good Partner Knows The Importance of Physical Intimacy

When you both have busy routines and have been in a relationship for a while, it's easy to overlook physical intimacy. But a good partner knows this is important for a relationship to remain strong and committed. They will make an effort to keep things exciting by trying something new and even innovative from time to time. Or at least, lean in with a touch and a kiss that they know will ignite your passionate fires. 

  • A study in the Journal of Sex Research revealed that people in good, long-lasting relationships simply do not ever have a decreased desire to pleasure and please each other.
  • Despite their busy lives, they still remain attracted to one another and are deeply connected emotionally and sexually.
  • Good partners also have a good rythm of verbal and no-verbal communication.

Experts say that for couples who have been together for a while, it may actually be a good idea to schedule time for intimacy. It may help build the anticipation and excitement in the bedroom, thus making this aspect of the relationship healthier.

A good idea also, can be to share private conversations (lean in lips to ear) about what you do to turn each other on and what excites you about your partner while with others or out in public. That has the erotic effect of teasing the anticipatory excitement and pleasure that will kick start what you have planned for later. Or could be the catalyst needed for a spontaneous tryst that will bring back the excitement of your early relationship days (and nights) together.


A Good Partner Gets Along With Your Friends and Family

A good partner is someone who gets along with the people who have known you before the two of you met.

A good partner is not the type who ruins dynamics you have with these people in your life. They also do not make it hard for you to balance your relationship with them and with you. They won't pull you away or isolate you from them. Your family should love the idea of having your partner join in special occassion because they feel comfortable around them. They respect  the manner in which your partner treats you and they appreciate the joy your partner has brought to your life.

You should also be proud and excited to indroduce your partner to your family and friends for the first time. You should not have any hesitations because you feel and believe they will impress your family and friends and easily connect with them.


A Good Partner Doesn’t Have Unreasonable Relationship Expectations

A good partner does not have any unreasonable expectations because they are not high maintenance. They know they are not the center of your universe so they do not need to be pampered or looked after like a spoiled brat.

They also know that you are not responsible for making them happy. Rather, you bring greater happiness and joy to each other because that is a perk of being in a healthy relationship. They recognize that emotions can be like a roller coaster ride with good days, as well as, bad days. With the peaks and valleys of life's daily grind, they will not blame you when bad things happen to either of you as individuals or together in your relationship.

Final Thoughts on Signs of a Good Partner

Love Doesn't Need to Be Perfect

You do not need to search for the perfect partner to build a lifelong relationship. While some of the above listed qualities may seem like a generalization, studies have shown that if you find these qualities in your partner then you are most likely in good company. So, if your partner has all or most of these charateristics then you know they are a keeper.

Lastly, a good partner will always feed off of the positive energy of their partner. So, if you're good to them, you will likely make your relationship work and remain committed to each other.

Realize that a healthy relationship is a bilateral union requiring two people to commit to each other working together to keep their love strong every day. Love is not a leisure activity! It demands total commitment and dedication to each other. So, if you feel and believe you have found the right partner, you still must keep working on what you have together in order to survive the challenges of being a couple. 

"You can't make anyone love you! All you can do is be a person worthy of being loved and hope that you are"

So, be a person who creates in your partner loyalty and trust between you that gives neither partner even a moments pause to risk losing what you share.

This article was culled from our friends at The Power of Positivity and has been modified from its original form of "11 Signs of a Good Woman" to fit the partnership between any two people in any romantic relationship.

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I Just Want You

Here are 12 More
Bonus Signs of
A Good Partner

These additional 12 Signs of a Good Partner are brought to us from our friends at Higher Perspective.

1.  A Good Partner Makes it Clear How Much They Love You!!

They don't only say that they love you ... they act upon it as well. They do the big things on Holidays and birthdays and also do all the little things they know you love and appreciate to ensure you feel loved and appreciated. They also include you in all the decisions, big and small, that they make.

2. A Good Partner Supports You Through Thick & Thin, Good Times & Bad

They're not afraid to call you out when they think you're failling short of your best success. Yet, just because you may be, doesn't mean you don't deserve support from your partner. They'll call you out, but then work together and stick by you through the good and the bad.

3. A Good Partner Inspires You To Do Better

When a good partner does feel you could do better, they will help inspire you to greater success. The will be your biggest cheerleader and your strongest support structure.

4. A Good Partner Works Hard to Earn & Keep Your Trust

It may be true that love is a gift that you give to people up until that trust is violated, but a good partner will give you confidence to trust them every minute of every day by ensuring you never have a reason or a gut feeling to question that trust.

5. A Good Partner Makes You Feel Attractive

They'll tell you you look beautiful or handsome or cute. They'll compliment how you look. They'll make you feel attractive and special in general. They wil take notice when you have made special efforts to wear outfits you know they wiil like or your hair the way you know they like to see it and they will fawn over your efforts to please them. 

6. A Good Partner Makes You Feel Safe

Not just safe from home invasion and physical threats. They'll help you to believe confidently that they will never intentionally or maliciously hurt you in any manner and that you feel like you can take on anything the world has to throw at you when you're with them.

7. A Good Partner Doesn't Cross The Line

Yet if they accidentally or unintentionally do, they will be extremely sorry for having upset you. It does takes time to learn what are each other's buttons, but once established, a good partner will never push yours with the intention of purposefully upsetting you.

8. A Good Partner Constantly Wants to Improve with You

The strongest relationships are those where the people involved grow together instead of apart. A good partner is always working toward mutual growth to keep the relationship strong and dynamic.

9. A Good Partner Knows That Actions Speak Far Louder Than Words

Talk really is cheap and words are a dime a dozen. So, pay attention to the "little things" your partner does! In them is where you will find a good partner's actions speaking the loudest. Listen to their words as well because it is still nice to hear their thoughts. A good partner will also walk their talk to prove the value of their words.

10. A Good Partner Will Open Up and Always Be Honest With You

It will not happen right out of the gate but over time, a good partner will become more comfortable with you and won't have any problem being open and honest with you at all times.

11. A Good Partner Will Also Make You Feel Comfortable Being Completely Honest With Them

A good partner's honesty with you and the comfort and confidence they instill in you will free you to be just as honest and comfortable with them. 

12. A Good Partner Will Never Be Physically or Emotionally Abusive

This may very well be the most important characteristic of a good partner. Infatuation and desire are the chemical byproducts of attraction but love is a commitment made to the value of your partnership in good times and in bad. Dad days and bad moods are NEVER an excuse or a justification for abuse in any capacity. A good partner will never take their frustrations out on you at any time. They will rather, lean on you and look to you for love and support to help them through frustrating times, just as you can count on them doing the same for you.

Always Remember

Negative and destructive words have no place in a healthy relationship and will ferociously shred it with lightning speed

Where as

Positive and constructive words are the cornerstones on which the foundation of a healthy and mutaully edifyng relationship is built.

Use Your Words Carefully

They can be both your greatest ally AND your most destructive weapon.

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