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“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating: There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

                           ~ John Ruskin

Are you in control of your Attitude or is it impacted and affected by external factors like the weather or what happens to you or how people treat you? Your Attitude is one of the very few things in this world that you can truly call your own and it is just about the only thing that you can actually control. Most people don’t realize that control is an illusion. You can’t control the weather, or what happens to you or how people treat you, but you can control your Attitude and how you react to all of it. 

Many people think they are in control of the car they’re driving, or the direction of their career, or what they are having for dinner that night, or even what shirt they are going to wear that day. But what about the other driver who carelessly slams into your car, or your company’s downsizing that costs you your job, or the restaurant you’re headed to being unexpectedly closed for the night, or the coffee that was accidentally splashed on your shirt when your son ran his toy truck across the kitchen table and right into your morning cup of coffee? Or, save all those small inconveniences that could steal your control in an instant and just chock up your lack of control in any given situation to an act of God and the imminent possibility of a natural disaster that could strike when you least expect it. The bottom line is that just when you think you have absolute control over what is happening ... there always exists the possibility that anything can occur at any moment that could terminate that control in an instant. So, you may not be able to control anything happening around or to you, but you still have absolute control over your Attitude and how you react to it.

Your Attitude is the fundamental standard that ties this whole site together and helps all the other ideologies and philosophies to flow into and build upon one another. It was the preliminary step required to embrace everything I learned from all that self-help and philosophical reading I discussed on the About This Site page. The very reason I never saw that moment of instantaneous change for which I had been searching is that I had to build a habit of practicing a better Attitude before I could then see its influence over just about every other aspect of my life. 

  1. Almost immediately after I adopted a better Attitude at all times, I then began to see improvements in my self-esteem and my self-confidence, which in turn brought greater happiness and confidence in all things.
  2. With a better Attitude, I learned to Not Sweat The Small Stuff and espouse a better outlook on life that helped grant me greater tolerance, patience, and compassion for others.
  3. I learned how to listen better and how to Communicate.
  4. I learned how to confer people the benefit of the doubt and take an introspective look within before casting Blame elsewhere.
  5. I learned how to take Responsibility for my own mistakes and my own failures which allowed me to learn more from them than I ever could from any of my successes.
  6. A positive Attitude better prepared me to be open to the wisdom found in every experience I have ever had on my journey down The River of Life.

Once you begin to see that whole Universe of Knowledge, you begin to understand how all of this ties together and builds upon itself creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The Most Beautiful People

Thomas Edison & Colonel Sanders

In his efforts to invent the light bulb, Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand times before he finally succeeded. And when asked what he learned about all those failures, he replied that he learned more than a thousand ways not to make a light bulb. How many failures would you have endured before giving up screaming “It can’t be done”? Colonel Sanders had a similar experience while trying to sell his recipe for fried chicken. Upon receipt of his first Social Security check, he shrugged and said there is no way he could live on that amount. Thinking about what he could do to earn a few bucks to help supplement his meager Social Security income, he realized he had a pretty popular recipe for his fried chicken and thought he could sell it. But just like Thomas Edison failed a few times, Colonel Sanders received more than a thousand rejections before someone finally agreed to buy his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Both their experiences are great lessons in perseverance, as well as having the character, the patience, the Wisdom and the Attitude required to embrace their mistakes and their failures while they trimmed away the fat and got to the meat of what they wanted to accomplish in pursuit of their goals.

Embracing Life’s Experiences and the lessons found in every Fork along The River of Life is better faced with a positive Attitude and also helps you to better prepare for the curve balls you’ll encounter along the way. Don’t expect the pitcher of life to just keep grooving you batting practice fastballs right down the middle. The pitcher’s main job is to mess up the timing of the batter and keep him off balance. Life has a way of doing the same thing. Expect the unexpected at all times and be ready to swing not only at the pitches you like, but also those you "have to" when faced with two strikes and a need to protect the plate. That is to say, take advantage of the premium opportunities and experiences life offers you, but also be ready to accept, adapt to, and appreciate the curve balls and other off-speed pitches you’ll see along the way.

Happiness is a choice and if you wish to live longer with less stress and better health, it’s a pretty good choice to make. We talk about Worry, Blame, Anger, and Gossip on the Wasted Energies page and we talk about Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence throughout this site, but it all boils down to your Attitude. In fact, your Attitude will ultimately influence and determine what you may gain from the entire content of this website. Keep reading and hopefully you’ll recognize how all these concepts and philosophies tie into one another to create a more positive Attitude that should help to improve your Self-Esteem and your Self-Confidence and bring greater contentment and happiness into your world.

It all begins with how you talk to yourself – your internal Self-Monologue.

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