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Happiness, Comfort and Familiarity are not the same thing. Many people use those words interchangeably to describe how they feel at any given moment or about any situation in which they find themselves. But what is true Happiness? Is it being Comfortable or in a Familiar situation? Or is it an overwhelming feeling of joy?

Let’s put it to the test - Think about what truly makes you happy. Is it your child’s smile on Christmas morning, a favorite meal cooked perfectly, the warm embrace of a cherished loved one, working at a job that is your passion, or maybe the excitement of riding a roller coaster? People often confuse familiarity with comfort and call it happiness, but the truth is that they can be three very different and at times even unrelated things. You may think you’re happy only because the situation you’re in is familiar and breeds a level of comfort that you call happiness. But does it? Familiarity and comfort are not necessarily bad things and at times can actually bring us happiness, but then at times they are just comfort and familiarity and a changes is needed to bring forth real true happiness. But how can you know until you embrace that potential change and see if your true happiness really does lie behind door number three instead? You have to ask yourself some very direct questions:  

1. Am I really happy or just in a familiar situation that I find comfortable?;

2. Does my work make me happy or am I simply familiar and comfortable working at my current job?;

3. Do I love my partner and does this relationship truly make me happy, or do I just find it familiar and comfortable and fear ever being able to find this level of comfort and familiarity again and therefore I stay in a relationship that is just okay?

Are you afraid to risk the comfort and familiarity of your current situation in order to take a shot at real true happiness?

Change can be scary and people often don’t like Change because they fear the realm of the unknown. When faced with Change, we don’t always know what that Change will bring and how it may impact our lives, so we Fear what we don’t know. Most people don’t like Change because they believe they are happy with the status quo. They like things just the way they are. But the truth is that familiarity is a common mask for happiness because it can bring a level of comfort and people believe that comfort makes them happy. Said another way - people often feel comfortable and believe they are happy simply because the situation in which they find themselves is familiar. It can be in your workplace or relationship or where you live and it’s the biggest reason why people don’t like to switch jobs or get out of a “bad” Relationship.

The irony is though, that more often than not, when someone finally does pull the trigger and make the Change they turn around and say, “Wow! Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Obviously, some people have great jobs and/or relationships that they love, but many just stay with them because they believe they are happy and they just don’t know any better. When in reality, they’re really just suffering from a bad case of The Familiars.

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